Past Events

Title: Working with Residents to Effect Change: A Connected Community Approach

In this presentation, we explore the genesis and key features of a Connected Community Approach, and implications for community-based public health and community resilience building work, drawing on empirical research in 6 racialized low income neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Speaker: Dr. Blake Poland

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Title: Sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) taxes as a public health intervention to reduce diabetes and other metabolic syndromes: theory and applications to Canada’s first SSB tax in Newfoundland and Labrador

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Zaltz

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Title: Precision Diabetes is now becoming a reality in India

Learn about how precision medicine is being used in diabetes care in India and beyond. Dr. Mohan will discuss “Precision Diabetes”, which refers to using clinical, biochemical, genetic and other data to provide scientific treatment to patients with diabetes. He will speak about the ways precision medicine is now being used in clusters of type 2 diabetes and in monogenic diabetes.

Speaker: Dr. V. Mohan

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Title: Small Steps for Big Changes: Lessons learned on implementing an evidence-based diabetes prevention program into diverse urban communities

Learn about Small Steps Big Changes, a diet and exercise counselling intervention that significantly reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (T2D).  

Speaker: Dr. Mary Jung

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Title: Health Coaching: What is the evidence and impact on diabetes prevention and management?

Ever wonder what health coaching is and how it can impact type 2 diabetes prevention and management? This webinar will explain the latest research and practice implications of health coaching for diabetes.

Speaker: Dr. Diana Sherifali

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Title: Racial Disparities in Diabetes Screening at a Large Primary Care Center: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis

Speaker: Dr. Azza Eissa

Title: Exploring the Canadian Food Environment: Its Characteristics and Implications for Diabetes Risk

Speaker: Dr. Mavra Ahmed

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Title: Equity Research in Canada: An Overview and Some Thoughts about Ways Forward

Speaker: Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi 

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Title: Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is a long-term, complex, community-based health promotion initiative carried out in the disadvantaged neighbourhood of Tingbjerg in urban Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Speaker: Dr. Paul Bloch

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Title: Guiding primary care diabetic retinopathy screening in Canada through the use of provincial healthcare administrative data

Role of patient-oriented research in developing new models of care: Preventing vision loss from diabetic retinopathy

Spearker: Dr. Valeria Rak

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Title: Comparing diabetes quality of care and outcomes between Ontarian immigrants and non-immigrants within dimensions of marginalization

Speaker: Shadia Adekunte

Title: The Healthcare Experiences of Black Women Living with Diabetes in Toronto, Ontario

Speaker: Fatema Ali

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Title: Managing Diabetes in the Context of Homelessness

Speaker: Dr. David Campbell

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Title: Predictors of Readiness for Health Behaviour Change After Gestational Diabetes

Speaker: Dominika Bhatia 

Title: During the COVID-19 Pandemic Across Ontario Health Teams: Insights from Population Data in Ontario, Canada 

Speaker: Laleh Rashidian 

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Title: The Weight of Place. The Built Environment and Diabetes Risk

Speaker: Dr. Gillian Booth

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Title: Pitching Transformative Change for Diabetes 

This was an opportunity for our Catalyst Grant applicants to showcase their ideas to community stakeholders in Peel and our University of Toronto teams.

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Title: Evaluation of novel glomerular filtration rate estimation equations in adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes

Speaker: Karolina Gaebe

Title: Evaluation of shorter measured glomerular filtration rate procedures in young adults with type 1 diabetes

Speaker: Kaveh Gaynor-Sodeifi

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Title: Understanding the social, cultural, environmental and systemic factors influencing diabetes prevention and management among South Asian caregivers in Peel Region

Speakers: Dr. Ian Zenlea, Chelsea D’Silva, and Nuzha Hafleen

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Title: Understanding the Burden of Diabetes and Chronic Disease in Peel Region 

Speakers: Dr. Calvin Ke, Dr. Sarah Mah, and Dr. Ghazal Fazli